Les Privat Sidoarjo, what do you think about the importance of grammar in English ? Is grammar important? Why should we spend time improving our level of English Grammar?

When learning or using a language, many people find that their grammar is far from perfect. But grammar is inescapable; it is the backbone of any language and must be understood in order for one to communicate effectively. Every time you write something, you are being judged for your grammar, even if it is subconscious. You are less likely to land jobs, you are less likely to get replied to on social media sites, and you are less likely to get contacted when online dating. Having good grammar simply makes you look more intelligent, so it is important for everyone to spend a little time perfecting theirs.

People communicate through writing now more than ever. As phone calls decrease and text messages increase, emails have become standard for business and countless discussion forums have opened on the internet. Using proper spelling and good English grammar is imperative for all of these methods of communication. What’s funny is that while shorthand and abbreviations are not always looked down upon, bad grammar almost always is. For instance, you would probably get a bad reaction by saying “I’m going too the store,” but “I’m going 2 the store” is generally considered to be socially acceptable (though not in academic settings, of course). It’s never too late to learn or perfect your English grammar, so hit the books and start today!

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