Hopefully this material will help you learn English.

   At this time , Les privat sidoarjo will o discuss is about time expression using Simple Present Tense and Present Continuous Tense. Actually, in our everyday talk , we often find or maybe use the expression of time. Time expression is so popular in our daily conversation. If we can use the expression of time with particular tense appropriately, it will improve your skill in English.

   There are so many time expressions in English to use such as days,weekends, and times of days (at night,in the morning etc). Time expression usually places at the beginning of a sentence or sometimes after the sentence goes (at the end). Using them with tenses will helps us to recognize that is related to the time. Tenses what I am going to talk right now are Simple Present Tense and Present Continuous Tense.

  1. Simple Present Tense

Words and expressions time can be used in Simple Present Tense in connection with condition that happens permanently.

Examples :

  1. Now, I live in Indonesia.
  2. I have so many problem these days.
  3. Nowadays, Egar eats noodles a lot.

REMEMBER : When we do actions that happen again and again or repeatedly, remember to put “s” behind the days.

For example : Anis works on Sundays

  1. Present Continuous Tense

Sometimes , we can use Prsesent Continuous in the matter of situation that happens temporarily.

Examples :

  1. At this time, I can not concentrate with my job well.
  2. I have an opportunity to go shopping at this moment.

You can use these following expressions to refer to the time with using present such as :

  • Today
  • This week
  • Now
  • At this moment
  • These days
  • Nowadays
  • As we speak
  • at this time etc

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