How are you doing good people , Les Privat Sidoarjo ? we are going to give a little reading to make you know about the future time especially about when we use will or be going to. For you who didn’t know before or already forgotten about this discussion, i hope it will help you, guys !


To express a PREEDICTION : use either WILL oe BE GOING TO

a. According to the weather report , it will be cloudy tomorrow.

b. According to the weather report, it is going to be cloudy tomorrow.

c. Be careful ! You’ll hurt yourself !

d. Watch out ! You’re going to hurt yourself!

Explanation : When the speaker is making a prediction (a statement about something s/he thinks will be true or will occur in the future), either will or be going is possible.

To express a PRIOR PLAN : Use only BE GOING TO.

e. A : Why did you buy this paint?

B : I’m going to paint my bedroom tomorrow.

f. I talked to Bob yesterday. He is tired of taking the bus to work. He’s going to buy a car. That’s what he told me.

Explanation : When the speaker is expressing a prior plan ( something the speaker intends to do in the future because in the past s/he has made a plan or decision to do it), only be going to is used.

In (e) : Speaker B has made a prior plan. Last week she decided to paint her bedroom. She intends to paint it tomorrow.

In (f) : The speaker knows Bob intends to buy a car.Bob made the decision in the past, and he plans to act on this decision in the future. Will is not appropriate in (e) and (f).

To express WILLINGNESS : Use only WILL.

(g) A : The phone’s ringing.

B : I’ll get it.

(h) A : I don’t understand this problem.

B : Ask your teacher about it.She’ll help you.

Explanation : In (g) : Speaker B is saying “I am willing;I am happy to get the phone.” He is not making a prediction. He has made no priot plan to answer the phone. He is, instead,volunteering to answer the phone and uses will to show his willingness.

In (h) : Speaker B feels sure about the teacher’s willingness to help. Be going to is not appropriate in (g) and (h).

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